Holographic Principles

Holographic Principles: Levels 1 and 2

Holographic Principles(TM), Level 1:

8 Keys to Claiming the Power and Magic of Your Limitless Self

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Here’s what participants are saying:

“Mind-expanding!” “This material is unlike what I’ve received anywhere else. I satisfies my left brain to some degree while giving me access to greater freedom and power.”“The subject matter is awesome material! The hands-on demonstrations allowed the concepts to come alive and were really fun.”
“I so enjoyed how simple and clear you present. You help me with the belief that it is possible!”
“I have to say that learning HP has been a major shift in my reality! My business and health are doing great now!” ~M.S.
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Jaden seamlessly bridges the ancient traditions and modern science, weaving magic, alchemy and eastern wisdom into a model of understanding 3-d creation.  Then, with a solid foundational model in place, she reveals the basic components necessary in any transformational work in 8 simple keys. Using these keys, you will create shifts in 3-d reality by tapping into the vast worlds of consciousness beyond this dimension. Participants will have lots of hands on opportunities for practicing with these keys and developing an approach for themselves to use when reprogramming their holograms.

Jaden’s workshops emphasize developing a foundation for embodying the space of rapid transformation along with a few very basic tools which will easily support whatever techniques you have previously learned.  A master teacher, Jaden’s gift is to be able to convey esoteric and complex ideas in ways that anyone can grasp, allowing them to bring the magic of conscious creation into their lives in practical ways.

Once you understand the secrets, these tools allow you to

  • transform your life
  • easily clear limitations
  • improve relationships
  • face everyday challenges in life with ease
  • experience peace and contentment no matter what is occurring around you
  • create shifts in your 3-d reality

Hands-on and experimental, watch transformation happen as you work with each of the keys for accessing your limitless self!

What we’ll cover:

  • theories for the material creation of 3-d reality, from ancient to modern
  • why your consciousness can have effects on this 3-d reality
  • easy tools for reprogramming your hologram and changing your reality
  • the connections to modern alchemy and ritual magic
  • and more…
  • Level 2 will move from “casting the magic”  to exploring the dimensional worlds, or becoming “masters”

How is this approach different from the “modality” approach?  While you will learn “tools” you will also:

  • be supported with a foundation for embodying the space of rapid transformation
  • discern when to change your reality and when to change your game
  • learn about all levels of consciousness and why each is needed for rapid expansion of spiritual gifts (many programs are focused on and deliver information for the ego level only)

Level 1 is appropriate for anyone interested in exploring how consciousness works.  It is a prerequisite to the Level 2.  No previous experience required. Please note: Level 2 will be offered later in 2013 as a teleconference workshop. Please attend this live workshop to participate in Level 2 unless you have been to a previous Level 1.