Building Intuitive Skills

28-day Skill Building Tele-Workshop + 2 Bonus Days!

Go at your own pace!


A 28 day program (+2 BONUS days!) designed to build your intuitive skills.  This is a fun way to develop your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

  • Find your Intuitive Space
  • Identify your natural intuitive abilities
  • Gain confidence in your ability to receive information
  • Learn tools to verify your interpretations
  • Expand your intuition in ways you never thought you would
  • Use all your skills to remotely view targets
  • Learn and practice telepathy skills

Your program includes:

  • 4 60-minute content-rich classes on mp3 for you to download and keep.  Each class energetically creates the space of intuitive expansion for you to tap into. In addition, you’ll learn tips and tools to help you improve your skills, and lots of suggestions of what not to do! Unlearning our assumptions about intuition can be the most important step in developing phenomenal skills!
  • Daily emails for each of the 28 days  (+ 2 BONUS days!) designed to keep you engaged in the material, and to help break the tools down into manageable chunks so you get some practice each day working your intuitive skills. Emails will contain an exercise or journaling activity to help you explore and expand your intuition.
  • Recorded Q&A sessions. Listen to common questions participants ask Jaden about many of the same difficulties and experiences you are having with the class.
  • Clairvoyance Download specifically calibrated for you. Use this energetic transmission to help your intuitive abilities blossom. Not an mp3–read more about the Phoenix Consciousness Downloads here.
  • Private facebook group where you can connect with others in the class, arrange exchanges and experiments with like-minded folks to practice the exercises and explore together! Ask your questions here, as Jaden answers and checks in frequently. This allows you to get individual feedback on issues specific to you!
  • Optional PRIVATE session with Jaden to work on your skills, ask questions and get individual tips for your unique issues and abilities. A 45-minute session during the 28 days, you schedule a time that works for you at a very reduced rate of $111! Ask our office for your special coupon code!

What You’ll Need:

  • A computer (We recommend that you download the mp3s from a computer and transfer them to your mobile devices. Listening directly from a mobile device is not ideal.)
  • A way to play back an mp3
  • A journal
  • A curious mind
  • 10-30 minutes a day to explore
  • 60 minutes once a week to listen to the main content recording

Cost: With private session included, this package is valued at $1469 for 28 days of amazing daily support, content, information, exercises, special Q&A sessions and an individual private session with Jaden!

Package A:  $297 for the entire 30 days of daily emails, 4 packed downloads with content and intuition-expanding energy, a personalized Clairvoyance Download, and 2 recorded Q&A calls. Special coupon code for a highly reduced private session rate with Jaden!