consciousnessmagicpromo-191x300Jaden is a master teacher, with a career that spans over twenty-five years. She has taught in universities and colleges, and began her teaching career as an English professor. Over the years, as she learned new things and gained mastery in new subjects, she naturally taught and shared the information. She taught martial arts for a number of years before finding her curiosity brought her to a more serious study of energy healing, consciousness, and magic.

Her academic background has allowed her to explore the esoteric with rigor, resulting in an understanding of the worlds of energy and consciousness that she easily translates for others. Passing on this information has traditionally been difficult because the language fails to convey these concepts adequately. Jaden’s gift is the ability to distill and convey these concepts in a way that allows anyone to quickly learn enough to begin to rapidly explore the worlds of energy, consciousness, and transformation.

A natural teacher, her down-to-earth style provides new explorers with practical tools they can begin to apply to their lives immediately. She offers a variety of ways to study and learn, and there is something for everyone.