Tips for a Happy Purchase

Please help us make your experience happier! Sam is our only part time staff person, so there are a few things that you can do to help things go smoothly, ensuring that you get what you need, and that we maintain our sanity! Here’s a few things to remember:

VERIFY YOUR ORDER. Before clicking submit, make sure the description in your cart order matches what you really wanted to buy!

ORDER FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU WANT TO RECEIVE YOUR CONFIRMATION, CALL INFO, OR DOWNLOAD LINKS. The email address you put in our system will be the one all the event and recording information will be sent to. Please double check that you entered that correctly.

FOR TELECONFERENCE EVENTS, WATCH FOR REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION. You should get an email with call-in details as well as a receipt immediately following (10 min-1 hour) your registration for any live event. If you don’t get one, let us know. That way you won’t be scrambling trying to contact us a few minutes before the event.

SAVE YOUR RECEIPT! In the event that you do not receive the call in information within an hour or so of registering, please forward your receipt to us with a note that you don’t have the call in information. This is the quickest way for us to verify your registration. It can take time for us to go through hundreds of registrations to find yours, but a receipt means our response can be immediate!

IF YOUR EVENT IS RECORDED, DOWNLOAD IT AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE THE LINK. Study groups are recorded and all live participants will receive a link to download the recording.  We now require you to download the recording before the link expires (within 7-15 days). To be safe, download it immediately. Check for sound quality–if the sound is no good, delete and re-download. Check for length–make sure it is the same length as the event, as occasionally a download is cut short. If yours is only partially downloaded, delete and re-download before the link expires. Due to the large number of participants, after the link sent to you has expired, we now ask that you repurchase the recording from the website.  Please do not share recordings or we will not be able to keep them available, thank you.

IF YOU’VE ORDERED A RECORDING. We are trying a couple different systems. You should receive an email with instructions following your purchase. Check your spam and junk mail boxes.  Please download it right away and check for sound quality and completeness. If either is a problem, you can delete the download and re-download it. Please let us know if you don’t receive the recording link within one week of purchase–if we don’t hear from you right away, we’ll assume we’ve delivered the product and later if you have a problem you will need to repurchase it to have us send it again.

BACK UP YOUR DOWNLOADED FILES. The number of people who have bought recordings is only growing exponentially. Once the download is in your hands, we cannot help you with technical problems. We recommend making a note of where you’ve saved it and back up the file onto a disk or alternate storage right away. We are not technical gurus, so please contact your tech person if you have trouble with your computer. If your computer crashes or you can’t find where you saved the download, you will need to buy it again if you want us to send another link. Thanks for your understanding in this matter, we have limited staff and cannot keep pace with the number of folks who “lose” their download for one reason or another.

REFUNDS AND EXCHANGE POLICY: Sorry no refunds on downloads, recordings, sessions, or events after they have been delivered. Exchanges prior to delivery or event date can be made for items or events of the same price, but note there are no refunds, with the following exceptions: Workshops that are teleconferences are refunded (less $25 processing fee) with notice 3 days prior to the event start date. Live, in-person workshops are refunded (less $25 processing fee) with 21 days notice prior to the event, after which there are no refunds. Private sessions require 48 hour notice of cancellation or the full session rate applies.