Small Group Holographic “Soul” Healing


Monday, February 19th at 7pm Pacific Time 

Wednesday, February 28th at 7pm Pacific Time

Register Here

$57 for a small group healing session. Each session lasts about 45-50 minutes, depending on the needs of the group.  Or register for Package Discount to participate in both!

These small group healings are personalized to your specific intentions and needs. Like a private healing sessions, you bring the patterns you want to shift into the hologram.

I can’t make the time of the event. Each month days and times will be rotated, so sessions will be available in the morning and evening and even some weekends. In addition, we now offer a replay for one week. We recommend listening as close to the live event as possible, preferably within 48 hours.

Can I sign up the day of the event? Unlikely. Only 4-6 participants will be in the group. Book as soon as the date is announced to hold your spot. Once the group is full, you will need to wait until the next group session to participate.

Do I have to tell the group my problems?  No. You will email your intentions for shifts to Jaden in advance.

How does the session work? It will be unique to each group depending on participant needs. There will be a short intention setting together at the beginning. You do not have to share your private concerns with the group to participate.  Then Jaden will begin the session by muting participants and the session will alternate between shifting patterns as a group and specifically shifting your patterns as an individual. It is an organic process and will differ depending on the participants present.

Will there be a replay or recording?  Yes. A replay is now available for one week after the event. Listening within 48 hours of the live event is recommended.

48 hour cancellation notice prior to the live event required for refund.

Can I sign up for multiple sessions? Yes. Check the website for package discounts.

Steps for Participation:

  1. Register for one of the small group healing sessions
  2. Send your intentions for healing to Jaden at least 24 hours in advance.
  3. Connect to the event at the scheduled time.
  4. Shift and heal!