Private Sessions

Personal Holographic Healing Sessions

Holographic Healing sessions are described more fully on the pages labeled “About Holographic Healing“.  This transformative work is best described as a “consciousness medicine” where together we shift patterns of light and information that create dysfunction at all levels of your being. It is profound healing work that can transform you in ways that are only limited by your imagination.  Truly the cutting edge of healing work, Jaden integrates quantum science–subtle energy, morphogenic fields, non-linear time, parallel universe theory, and more–to shift light and information that informs the energetic body that makes up your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self.

Private sessions are for individuals or couples who wish to work together. You may also include your pets in your private sessions. Sessions are done via telephone.

Coaching & Counseling

Clients who are looking for an alternative to traditional counseling will find the intuitive counseling sessions at Alchemy Wisdom a transformational experience. Unlike traditional counseling, these sessions are designed to initiate powerful shifts in the client’s consciousness so that long periods of processing are not needed to produce significant results. The goal is to shift the overall patterns that are limiting the client, and this type of counseling blends energy work at the quantum level, shamanic training, NLP, and actual alchemical techniques for transformation. Clients do talk about problems and issues, and Jaden will receive information intuitively about what patterns need to shift and how the pattern change can be accomplished. But unlike traditional therapists, Jaden actually assists the changes, so even deep seated patterns can shift more rapidly than traditional therapy. Clients are also taught how to become more aware of their own patterns and learn strategies for helping themselves.

These are private sessions for individuals, couples, or small groups who wish to work together.

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