Jedi Mastery Activation Series

Explore Your Inner Jedi!    

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Two 5-Week Jedi Mastery Series!

Each week you will receive a .mp3 activation recording that will connect you with your Inner Jedi, expanding your sense of power and mastery in the world.  Please note that these are activations, and as such are direct connections to 5th dimensional energies, exactly like the Live Monthly activations!  Use them to deepen your gifts, intuitions, and abilities.  The Jedi Mastery Activation Series are not lectures and exercises with any “how to information.” If you are looking for a class-like learning format, please check out the Consciousness Magic series  and the Building Intuitive Skills class with hands on exercises, lecture information, and more!

Series A: 

Week 1: Tapping Your Inner Jedi

Tap into the place of power within yourself where you can not only discover and explore your own Jedi powers, but can begin immediately expanding the power of self that you bring to all your interactions in the world. This activation contains both a meditation for you to use as well as a direct connection with higher dimensional energies that can help rid you of blocks to your power and help you awaken to your personal power.

Week 2: Jedi Activation—Tapping the Force

Expand your personal power by tapping into the Force! This activation creates a deep connection with the primordial energies that create the entire Universe. Become deeply enmeshed in this pulsing power and discover an interactive link between you and the Force. This activation contains higher dimensional energies that will begin to shift the patterns in your energy field immediately, creating the ability to begin to master your own connection to the Force.

Week 3: Jedi Activation—Telekinesis

This amazing activation reveals the secret for moving reality with your will. An unforgettable and powerful activation, the energy shifts your patterns and allows you to let go of the things that hold you back, freeing telekinetic abilities and allowing you to bend reality in ways that suit you best.

Week 4: Jedi Activation—Mind Control

A Jedi has exceptional control over their own mind — including knowing when and how to get out of their own head! This activation clears your own mind demons, and connects you to vibrations that enhance your own power of mind control! What could you do if you had no mental limitations around your success or accomplishments in this world? Learn the secret of vibrational influence to create a state of mind where others are happy to say “yes”! Tap into the vibrations of harmony that allow you to easily connect with others in ways that allow them to be of one mind with you!

Week 5: Jedi Activation—Galactic Connection

Connect with spiritual allies and support throughout the universe and multiverse! Tap into your very own Jedi Council. Your guides and allies surround you and this activation will allow you to tune in and align with that support when you need it. Check out all the realms of guidance available for you, and use this activation frequently when you feel cut off from source and guidance. Find the interconnections that connect you to your higher source and your guides so you feel you are never alone, but fully supported in your destiny!

Series B:  

Week 1:  Jedi Activation—Power Alignment

Week 2: Jedi Activation—Serenity

Week 3: Jedi Activation—Precognition

Week 4: Jedi Activation—Telepathy

Week 5:  Jedi Bonus Activation