Group Holographic Healing Sessions

upgrade, accelerate, evolve

Next Phoenix Group Holographic Healing(TM) 


Monday, July 31st, 6-7pm Pacific Time

We will connect with some amazing healing and high-vibration energies to enhance our evolution–emotionally, physically, mentally, and  spiritually–and access our full potential as divine beings! Healing is both for ourselves and for the planet–receiving new patterns that provide happiness for all! I highly anticipate this unusual event!

Amazingly, these sessions have recently become much more powerful! Join us on our Facebook group by clicking here and read about participant’s recent experiences:


Tap into the healing energies available through these special healing holograms! Each participant in the healing session will relax in their own home as they tap in via phone to the session. These are group sessions, but individuals will have privacy to relax at home while experiencing transformation.  The session is not interactive and delivered on presentation mode, so you cannot hear each other, nor can Jaden hear you.  This leads to a peaceful transformative experience.  These group sessions are connections to special energies that are facilitated through my guides.

Each session is different and lately has included tapping into new energies on the planet that upgrade our vibrations to help us better cope with the stresses of change–emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  This seems to accelerate us on our evolutionary paths.  In addition to the vibrational upgrades, holograms can also affect healing issues for the participants.  Specific physical shifts, perspective rotations, and even help with manifestation can all be addressed in the hologram.  The effects can be very noticeable.

Here’s what people are saying:

“First, I wish to thank you, your guides and the spiritual beings that were with you.  I am so grateful for your being available for everyone and guiding us through the processes; as well as your guides and spiritual beings bringing forth the healing vibrational frequencies to assist us in our transformation.  It was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had in energy healing!”  –M. H., July Hologram

“In the Holographic Healing everything you said you were feeling was what I was going through. There was much movement and much shifting. I am grateful to you and the Beloveds who supported us in such a beautiful way. I was SO very happy when we got off the phone. I had a lot of energy.  Being on crutches, I didn’t go for a walk–instead I did 100 cross crawls!!  The day before I couldn’t even do 15! Thanks so much.  Looking forward to next month!  Goddess bless you.”–T.D., July 2008 Hologram

“Just want to thank you for yesterdays quantum group session.  I was experiencing a lot of energy moving through my brain, nervous system, legs.  I feel like we are getting aligned with the earth’s change of magnetic charge at the poles but there is also something occurring within our DNA structure being overhauled for another shift in consciousness.  At times my hands are “reading” light codes, but I am not sure what the data is.  I am going to try to start journaling what is coming through.  Sometimes it feels like light language coming from unity of consciousness….almost like a blessing of sorts.  At other times it feels like data about advanced technology….” –J. O., July 2008 Hologram

“Thank YOU Jaden! I am still feeling great since the call — by all means do this regularly!!! I thought I’d need to see the chiropractor after doing an hour + acupressure session on a client Sunday am — with my arthritic body — and traveling 3 hrs for a fun outing Monday — but much to my delight, I’ve been in great shape — and will put off that appointment as long as possible!!! Also on the physical aspect — I have been aware of congestion building in the left chest wall – and arm – this last ten days prior to our conference call — troublesome to me — as I had a lumpectomy and two sentinel nodes removed 11 months ago — that sensation — of heaviness and congestion is 95% gone — since the call. My Energy is very clear and stable and more greatly available .”  –S. S., May 2008 Hologram

“Thank you so much for this Jaden.  I received so much from your healing.  Your grace and gentleness allowed me to really let go and drop into a space of nothingness. That space of grace where all transformation happens.  I saw great images, which allude me at this writing and I really felt a part of all that is.”  –L. J., May 2008 Hologram

“I’d just like to let you know that the energy experience of the group healing session at the end of the seminar was most definitely one of the most memorable experiences of the entire weekend.”  –H. P., Orlando Seminar

“I participated in the group healing session with you and have had very little back pain since.” –D. E., Orlando Seminar

“The highlight of the weekend was definitely your group treatment at the end. I found the whole experience of being in a group very profound and felt that it deepened my experience of receiving the treatment. That evening I definitely experienced some strong and powerful states of being.”  –K.B, Orlando Seminar

“How you work is amazing!  I want to eat your holograms!”  –J.D., Baltimore Seminar

“This past weekend, Jaden spontaneously demonstrated a group healing/transformation session in which she wove her own special magic. While to the outside observer, Jaden may have appeared to simply be moving her hands randomly in empty space, the impact of what she was doing was noticeably felt by the hundreds of people in the room. If you’re into consciousness work, this was something not to be missed. I suspect we’ll be seeing this type of energy medicine taught and practiced more and more as its dramatic, and often instantaneous results are documented.”  –W.D., Baltimore Seminar

Cost: $33.00 USD.  You are also responsible for the cost of the call. We recommend Skype for international callers.

A special note about paying via e-check.  You will not be registered until the check clears, which takes 4 business days.  We don’t recommend this option during the last week before the event.  REGISTER HERE

To Register: Register by making payment online–we cannot accept cash, checks or money orders for the hologram.  Please make sure you include your NAME as the participant. Information about how to log into the call will be sent to the email address you use to register.  Each person on the call to be included in the hologram must be registered. You can select to pay for more than one family member at a time, and there is a place on the payment form to include the names of those you are paying for.

Once you have registered, you will receive a letter of confirmation immediately that contains a link to register for your call-in access code.  Keep your payment receipt until you receive this notice.  If you do not received this email, please let us know as soon as possible. Someone is always available the day of the event to respond to emails, so please contact us via email if you are having difficulty.  Sorry there are no refunds, but calls are replayed for one week if you miss the live call. If you have registered, your inclusion in the hologram will happen whether you are present or not, and you can notice the effects whether you listen or not.

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