2018 Activations

A Series of Energy Upgrades to Accelerate Your Path


Next sessions: Four special high-energy events in February!

ACTIVATION SERIES: Brilliance and Clarity of Mind Activation
Thursday, Feb. 8th at 6pm Pacific Time

ACTIVATION SERIES:  Beauty and Love Activation
Tuesday, Feb 13th at 6pm Pacific Time

ACTIVATION SERIES: Regeneration/Rejuvenation Activation
Tuesday, Feb. 20th at 6pm Pacific Time

ACTIVATION SERIES:  Courage, Confidence, Self-Esteem Activation
Tuesday, Feb. 28th at 6pm Pacific Time

(activations last approximately 30 minutes…)

These events are remarkable bridges between our 3-d world into a higher vibrational reality! This month we will be delving into magickal alchemy even more deeply to enhance and upgrade our Spiritual Evolution and Everyday Life!

We will connect with these high-level energies to bring more enhancements and power into our life!  As always, these energies align us with higher dimensional vibrations–allowing us to rapidly accelerate into living the evolutionary path and creating our reality in expansive ways! Choose one or all three, as you are drawn!

Note: Event replays are available for one week following the event if you cannot listen live.

What people are saying:

“That was amazing I’m higher than… (I can’t describe it) WOW! I think I grew some wings!!  It was very powerful and soooo perfect for me. Thanks dear Jaden for all the light and magic that you share.”  -G

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This Activation Series is becoming more and more powerful!

This activation series will take place via teleconference. Join us throughout the year for this series–take as many or as few as you like. My guides have asked me to specifically offer upgrades for you to help each of us align more quickly with the growing and changing energies on the planet. Unlike the holograms, the focus is upgrading your energetic pathways and speeding along on your spiritual path. Please join us if you feel called. These calls are meant to be easily accessible to everyone at very low cost, and my guides are indicating that the more of us who are attuned to these larger morphic fields of ascension, the more quickly each of us will progress along our spiritual paths, so invite your friends and family to register as well!

Please note: Once registered, you are included in the activation. You do not have to be present for the call. Replays are available for one week after the event. You still receive the benefits whether you listen to the call live, by replay, or not at all.

Cost: $17 USD (To be effective, each person must be registered individually–thank you for not sharing your unique call-in codes). Registration information and details for connecting to the call are sent shortly after your registration. I expect the activation to take between 30-40 minutes. REGISTER HERE

(Registration closes 1 hour prior to the event, unless it sells out in advance.)

To Register: Register by making payment online–we cannot accept cash, checks or money orders for the activation. Please make sure you include Participant’s Name with your order. Information about how to log into the call will be sent to the email address that you submitted the order with. Each person on the call to be included in the activation must be registered. You can select to pay for more than one family member at a time, and there is a place on the payment form to include the names of those you are paying for.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email with a link to register for your access codes, please forward your payment receipt to info@alchemywisdom.com. Sorry there are no refunds, but replay is available for 48 hours after each event. If you have registered, your inclusion in the activation will happen whether you are present or not, and you can notice effects whether you listen or not.


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