7 Days to Inner Guidance


7 Days to Inner Guidance

You’d love to “hear” your Guides, receiving the information you need reliably. AND you want to know you can trust that guidance.

This program is chock full of information about guidance, its forms, and how to recognize it when it shows up!  It includes 2 transformative activations, and a life-changing healing session that can assist with blocks, trust issues and more. And, it contains multiple easy short exercises that you can use daily to cultivate and develop a connection with your guides!

Each day receive an .mp3 recording containing either information and exercises or a energy-shifting activation or healing. In 30 minutes or less each day, you will be actively engaging with your guides by the end of one week!

Enjoy Jaden’s masterful teaching, her ability to make the world of energy understandable and accessible to everyone, her insights and experience in these spiritual worlds, and her practical applications of this knowledge. Anyone can learn, and anyone can have a stronger and clearer connections to guidance!

Day 1: Tap Into Guidance: Start right away with some great easy exercises to tap you into your Inner Guidance

Day 2: Activation #1 Letting Go of Barriers to Guidance

Day 3: Types of Guidance: Learn about various forms of guidance and how to tell the difference between your ego and higher guidance

Day 4: Holographic Healing: Deeply heal those parts of your self that have shut off your access  to your inner guidance in this one of a kind healing session.

Day 5:  Getting Past Expectations: Learn about the KEY reason you are missing out on Inner Guidance, and what to do to change it!

Day 6: Activation #2: Tapping into Trust

Day 7: Tips and Tools for Trusting your Inner Guidance

BONUS: A special “Opening to Guidance” Consciousness download calibrated to your energy field that will continue to assist you in accessing, understanding, and developing your inner guidance.