What participants are saying about the Holographic Principles Workshop…


“This material is unlike what I’ve received anywhere else. I satisfies my left brain to some degree while giving me access to greater freedom and power.”

“The subject matter is awesome material! The hands-on demonstrations allowed the concepts to come alive and were really fun.”

“I loved being able to connect to the unimaginable!”

“I so enjoyed how simple and clear you present. You help me with the belief that it is possible!”

“I loved the intimacy. This was like a group of friends coming together to listen to a group speaker and experience.”

“I’ve undergone some dramatic shifts that started on the last day of the workshop and culminated today in a deep realization of my personal power. I now feel much calmer, happier, and more centered than I have in a long time, maybe ever. Thank you Jaden for creating a space that allowed this transformation to occur!” –B.B.

“I have to say that learning HP has been a major shift in my reality! My business and health are doing great now!” ~M.S

What clients are saying about private sessions…

“I’ll say that the results were amazing……the results were real. After almost 3 years of a chronic problem with pain that affected my mind-set, my sense of confidence, and the way I approached my martial arts training, the pain is gone and my sense of “onward and upward” has returned…….I’m happy to look forward to now, instead of regaling in my past glory days…..Those days are BACK, now! I can jump again (was not able to with the intense foot pain), I can stand for long periods of time now (my back, achilles tendons and feet used to hurt very badly), and with the newfound motivation, I lost 20 pounds over the last 4 months.” –R.D., Renton, WA

“My sessions with Jaden are special islands in time in which I am fully supported in creating the body and life I want. The result is lasting peace and happiness in a strong body getting the life I dreamed of.” –C.C., West Seattle, WA

“Wow. The tinnitus is less. My jaw tightness is less. My head feels more open. The most notable experience to me so far was how tangible the session with you was during and immediately after. I have experienced different kinds of energy work before, but this was on a new level. So thank you very much.” –E. H., Portland, OR

“It was so good to see you in Orlando! But that is not where my gratitude begins. I met V. for lunch yesterday and the NY Steamer came with a dill pickle, I thought how wonderful this pickle tastes with the sandwich and how I could eat it without hesitation. Sure, you are saying, yeah, big wow –give me the crystal healing award – I can eat a pickle! But when you think I have not been able to eat pickles, or really sweet things, spicy things, or crackers, cornbread or hard rolls and must always have a glass of water by my side since 1968, after Hong Kong Flu damaged the nerves in the throat leaving them hyper-sensitive. Since then I’ve had to be very careful what I ate and slept with a glass of water by my bed because I would wake up from sleep choking. I DO NOT NOW – that is a big deal.” –T. G., Orlando, FL

“What I’m really excited about is what you facilitated for my brain. It was injured a couple of times and though it was working pretty well there were few things that still needed some help. The most noticeable change is a reduction in fogginess though the part that makes me really happy is that now I can read almost like before the disturbance. I always had a stack of books by my bed and would be in the middle of ten books at once finishing maybe one or two a week. Though for the past few years I barely read at all. Now I have a stack of three books and I’ve finished a couple of others. It’s like a gift of being more me. So thank you very much for sharing your talents.” –M. K., Seattle, WA/Netherlands

“This is so wonderful that I had to write you another update. I talked to my mom on Sunday and the Thursday prior she had her blood draw, which is something they do regularly to check the “numbers”– lower numbers are better. She has not been on any kind of treatment for over a month now and her count went down 100 points! She tells me she is in remission, and we keep holding that reality. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this is. She has been at stage 4 since they first diagnosed it 11/2001 and has been having continuous treatment since then. She sees her oncologist today and we are certain he will wait to put her on any other meds. She says to make sure I tell you that it worked. Thanks Jaden!” –R. D., Port Orchard, WA

What participants are saying about the Group Holographic Healing Sessions:

“It was very powerful! I had a terrible headache, and shoulder ache all during the day of the call. During the call, my feet and legs began vibrating and continued all night! By morning, my neck and shoulders had realigned to normal! Been feeling peaceful and joyful all week :) Thank you!!!” -R.N.

“I really feel better in my body today.” -D.D.

“Powerful physical shifting felt like I entered into another universe where more me’s were waiting. There is a new awareness today when I woke up, that is for sure.” -K.G.

What participants are saying about the Consciousness Magic Study Group:

“I love the CMSG! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first five sessions, and have learned so much. Thanks, Jaden Rose for being such a good magician and for sharing your wisdom with the world.” -J.J.

“Hi Jaden, thanks for addressing pretty much every ego challenge I’ve been experiencing for a while. Glad I’m not alone!” -P.S.

What people are saying about the Activations:

“WHOA! Activation II Magickal Creativity was eXtremely usefuLL. Thank you. You and your guides have eXquisite listening skills. ALLways delivering the download I need to MOVE FORWARD QUICKLY. Thank you.” -R.S.

“Hi Jaden. The Magickal Creativity activation was great! The energy was really high too. I especially like the Sacred Geometry on the bottom of the feet. That is really important.” -S.

“Jaden, I found this one really synchronistic. Before the call, I received a link to a video that really gave me an experience of a gridwork of sacred geometrical principles acting as a blueprint.Then your activation brought in more of the experience as that web you mentioned actually became for me a possible way to access this framework from the heart center. The rotation you described and I experienced really helped this extend further and deeper within my awareness.I now feel there’s a fabric that I can interact with and I plan to experiment w/seeing what might come into being. Regardless, this experience of reality as a mathematical blueprint is a beautiful thing to experience. (I just use the term mathematical because of the geometry involved. Can you tell I don’t like math and feel the need to make excuses for it. :) ) Great activation. -K.M.

“That was amazing I’m higher than… (I can’t describe it) WOW! I think I grew some wings!! It was very powerful and soooo perfect for me. Thanks dear Jaden for all the light and magic that you share.” -G

“I want to thank you for your Activation #1. For me it was so powerful. I could feel the Activation. And I did feel some activations later that night while asleep. I have been having a hard time at work. I work 12hour nightshifts, 7PM to 7:30 AM, and have been having a hard time staying awake at work. It is like I was drugged. I have been working nightshift for 8 years and this was new starting around Nov. 2009. I had thought it might have to do with the Earth Shifts and the changing of Electromagnetic fields. Since the Activation #1, that has changed and I no longer feel drugged or that extremely tired at work. I really give Thanks. I am very Grateful for these Activations and look forward for more. I do see and feel a change.” -S

“What a fabulous experience!! Thank you, thank your guides, my guides, every being who helped out!” -C

Here’s what people are saying about the Phoenix Consciousness Downloads…

I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am to you for the work that you do. I have been using your transformational downloads for the past 6 months and they have been amazing! I have experienced shifts of self on so many levels that I never would have thought possible. The downloads have assisted me in letting go of the black and white, right and wrong, false beliefs that I have been carrying around with me for so long. They have provided me with joyful, fulfilling and amazing options that I never would have imagined existed and have helped me to gracefully rise above old fears and beliefs into a higher form of being, perceiving, and experiencing myself and the world outside of me. I am able to shine my light purer and brighter, which is a joy for me and those around me. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts! -J.L.F.

Ideal Weight and Metabolism:

“For me when I first downloaded the information I felt heavy(in a good way)…very grounded to the earth. I have continued to work out and eat the same way and have noticed my clothes are looser than they were before. I don’t weigh myself, so I don’t know if I’ve lost pounds. For me it reminded me to thank my body everyday for the amazing way it supports me. Thank you for the information you are providing.” -L.S.

“My weight is down over 12 lbs since the download. I have been gently guided to raw foods and a cleanse. I am presently eating about 70/30 raw/cooked foods and I feel and look great. My next step is to do weight training to tone my body. Interestingly the download helped me tune into my body more and listen to what it needed….I love the way I look now. I walk with more confidence and with a spring in my step. Don’t get me wrong, I looked awesome before but now I feel awesome and project that on the outside. Whatever you placed in the download worked for this skinny person. I feel different – like a new person.” -C.D.

Fear Buster:

“Thank you. I downloaded mine tonight for the first time. After you said to imagine it in my hand I did that and was overcome with emotion immediately.. I couldn’t stop crying.. even before I activated it.. after activation I had this overwhelming feeling of shifting followed by a huge coughing fit.. very strong; I felt like putting the download into my heart area and did so… before you suggested this on the recording. Wow…that is really powerful.. what an incredible way to do this specialized energy transfer… you are really amazing; this is really neat stuff. Thank you for offering this. I feel lighter and more free already.” -T.H.

Financial Freedom Download:

“I wanted to let you know real magic happened after I did the financial freedom download. Within a week, my husband and I were offered an incredible deal on an unbelievably cool dream house in Philadelphia. When it goes through, it will immediately increase our net worth by $250,000. The same week a woman who wants to learn our business offered to do sales for us at no charge in exchange for the experience. (She hasn’t netted anything yet, but it’s only been a month). Seeing how valuable sales representation can be, I became really interested in hiring someone but couldn’t justify someone full-time. About 2 weeks ago, I stumbled across an incredible and experienced woman looking for part-time work! She has a ton of contacts and I think she will start bringing in business right away. She starts tomorrow! Not too shabby! I’m thinking about ordering another one! Thank you SO much!” -Marilyn

“My first experience with financial freedom download was…not expected! No expectations! I just want to experience what I experience, asked for the download, my hand felt heavier immediately…typed in the access code, then popped into my heart. Immediately I noticed changes in my bodies sensations, I got very hot, and tears began rolling down my eyes. I sat with that. then I felt peaceful, and noticed my breathing. once again more tears, crying, body shaking, still hot, not attached to the experience, just noticing it! My head got heavy, I lay down. It felt like I was looking down on myself. I heard words “beautiful girl you don’t need to make it so hard for yourself!” I had flashing images??? I felt like I was flashing through generations?? But it was all happening so quickly. Since returning to Australia from Seattle PC, I had been re-creating the Financial dramas, then last night, I decided I didn’t want to have to think about money anymore; as a limitation…drew up a new power-point motto, ‘financial success or any success does not come from hard work or struggle, it comes from the alignment of the mind!’” -T.R.

Clearing Limiting Beliefs Download:

“Here is an amazing update. I finally can access the code and activate it with out the voice. I say the code and puff it is there. Wanted to share a shift I had yesterday. Periodically I find myself crying here and there for no known reason. I figured letting go was a huge part of those tears. However, yesterday I go to meet Jan at the gym and she was busy training someone so I begin my treadmill warm up. All is well till my second rep of running and I started to cry not hard but tears where coming down my face, ( I DID NOT STOP RUNNING) I immediately activated the code and suddenly I saw myself curled up in a ball like a little girl being yelled at and criticized. I saw the image clearly, viewed it, felt it, and let it go. This is the first time in my life that I have actually witnessed an age regression with out having to experience it and be in a public place and actually have the knowledge that I know where I am and who I am and push an issue through. This process took perhaps all of a minute and I was fine afterward. Truly amazing and by the way you are the first person in a long time that was able to make progress with me.” -J.C.

“One huge huge improvement I am noticing that was weighing on me is I am not I REPEAT I am not picking up other peoples energies. I have had a tendency for years to become what others around me are. I am grateful for this change since I can develop a sense of self now and not react to what others want, feel or need. I can do my own healing on my terms and progress from there. Not sure what limiting belief that was for me but it is gone HALELUJAH!” -J. C.

“I am still playing with finding an accurate language to describe all the cool moments of insight that occur while in these spaces, they are largely respected and highly valued to my heart and soul. The download was felt immediately with euphoric type tingly sensations dancing it’s way through my field. It was funny that it required installation in the root chakra totally correlating with stuff I was reading at the same time where certain types of energy had a final pit stop before being transmuted. Also before I had a considerable amount of noise building up around me as with now it feels like a clean slate, allowing me to feel more focused etc..” -S.M.

Deep Sleep and Dream Awareness Download:

“I used your deep slumber download after I got into a strange sleeping pattern where I would wake during the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. The first night I had an unusual dream but slept better. My energy level is better and IF I wake during the night I now go back to sleep. Most nights I’m sleeping till morning.” -Monica


“When I sat at my computer this morning, before I even did anything, I could feel something happening…it felt like you during a session…I thought it was left over energy from you from the study group yesterday… but then

I did the download and I realized it was that technology…oh my, it feels so good..like a session with you, and the youthening feeling feels like I am waking up and feeling more and more energetic…it is amazing! I feel great…my slight stuffiness in my nose went away..I think I feel my endocrine issues shifting…the fatigue is shifting…a lightness of being…this feels like an energy rush, but very familiar, as I can trust it, like a session with you…thank you thank you!” -K.M.

5-d Relationship Builder Download:

“Your relationship consciousness download was one of the most powerful transformational catalysts I’ve ever experienced.” -K.B.

“Thurs night when I received this email of the new consciousness technologies for relationships, I had very strong and colorful abstract meditations as I went to sleep. At the time, I did not know you had completed the relationships download for me. I knew that night something happened but did not figure it out until morning when I received your email. So thanks for the download! Normally I do not see or feel a great deal of energy. Thurs night I did!” -C.L.

“The first time I accessed my download I had planned to just think the access code but found myself drawn to putting it in via a “keypad”. I did that, dropped into my heart chakra as instructed and promptly dropped to my knees (which was a great surprise). Kneeling I felt as if my heart area had turned into a huge hole and my chest physically “caved” into it – this was a very large physical shift. Then I began to feel an expansion of that “hole” beyond my body and then very fluid and warm around my heart. When I eventually managed to stand again I had an incredible sense of open-ness in my heart on all levels (energetic, emotional, physical etc). That feeling lasted quite a while. Since then I followed the directions to access the download twice a day, most days , once or twice I’ve forgotten one. There has definitely been a shift in me but it’s hard to put into words. The best way I can describe it is a more stable centered feeling in my heart. I also perceive relationships in a different way, again hard to describe, perhaps in a more expanded light if that makes any sense to you. The feeling of open-ness has stayed with me, not to the same extent as the first time but certainly more than before the download. At the moment I have the feeling that the download is helping me hold that state so I’ll keep working with it to see if it becomes permanent.” -J.L.

Clairvoyance Download:

“I received the download yesterday and tried it twice and nothing happened. This morning I tried it and (with my eyes closed) I perceived what looked like an eagle. It was a bird with a large wing span. I saw the bird flying from various positions. The background was black and the bird was just a lighter shade of black. I have not ever seen “vibrant” colors. Even when I dream. However, the bird went away and was replaced by what looked like a T-Rex. It was again a lighter black against the black background. Then it was like turning a page in a book and the black was lifted and I saw beautiful colors. It only lasted for one second. Boy what a second that was.

Then about a half hour ago I took a break from reading and tried another download. I was looking and waiting for a bird. What I saw was a little hard to describe. It had the color of blue ice with twinkling lights. It kinda sorta looked like the matrix in the movie but it was not that. The scene was so peaceful and VIVID. The place was enormous with both depth and width. Other than the blinking lights I could not see anything. The only thing I could say was “whoa!” This lasted for about 15 seconds. It was awesome. So, a few minutes later I start reading the book again which is about Pleiadian wisdom. I get to this sentence: Inner space looks somewhat like the heavens, wide open and filled with blinking lights, yet inner space is buzzing with constant movement and activity. I’ll leave you with that. I am sure looking forward to having more experiences like these. Thank you so much!” -M.S.

“I definitely felt the energy mass when I installed the download several weeks back. I know something has happened but I can’t quite put my finger on what. I do seem to trust my impulses more and they seem to be right so that could be it. I will probably purchase another download at some point.” -Thomas

“Thank you so much for all the transformational services you offer. I’ve signed up through PayPal for a “Clairvoyance Download” upgrade. On January 29, 2009 I started using the “Clairvoyance Download” by asking for it to be placed in my hand then activating it with the access code followed by installing it in the heart chakra and requesting it be integrated. I definitely could feel the download placed in my hand as I felt tingling along with a faint bit of weight. With continued downloading, initially in the morning and evening then less frequently, I noticed claircognizance more often (picking up another person’s thoughts or a few words that reflected what they were thinking which were confirmed by conversations). On a few occasions I’ve heard voices. One voice in particular was of a person that had just passed at the end of January. I’ve often felt an air pressure change when discarnates or other dimensional beings were around, plus hear pops and snaps, but haven’t seen anything until recently I’ve faintly received a few fleeting mental images in my mind’s eye.

I have found the Clairvoyance Download beneficial and believe future downloads will increase my understanding of where, what and how I can be supportive to others, as well as helpful to me in my own growth, by providing important information that will offer the direction or steps to take more clearly. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to be a “claire-all-girl” – clairsentient, clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient! However, I don’t want to see anything creepy either. In any case, I “Thank You” Jaden for all you share. Infinite Blessings,” -M.H.

“I received your download yesterday but waited until today to open it because it just felt right. When I downloaded it, my right hand felt like it was overflowing with a goopy sort of mixture so I changed it to a light energetic mixture. I then held my hand to my third eye which became very warm. Then I rotated my hand over all my chakras intoning a sort of blessing for the specific chakra characteristics.

Then I sat still. I had an image of a tall thin, dark woman (approximately 7 feet tall) who was not pretty by today’s standards but had striking eyes and characteristics nonetheless. The woman was not me but she “kind of” was me at the same time. Then I saw her interacting with a tall golden lady which I recognized as The Angel Kadmiel. I learned of Kadmiel in a reading a few years ago and she is the angel of pregnant/birthing women, kind of the epitome of all mothers. (I should tell you that I’m not really “into” angels, so this surprised me.)

(An angel listed in the Book of the Angel Raziel. Kadmiel is one of the seventy angels who are to be invoked by expectant mothers to assist in making the process of childbirth safe and successful for both mother and child. This concept, however, conflicts with the more recent belief that states one should not pray to angels directly, only to God, so that he may dispatch his angels where needed.) {From the internet.}

I’ve not thought of Kadmiel for a while now, but it is interesting because I’m going to a conference this month in Pre and Perinatal Psychology and my goal/mission is to have an online business with this material. It is to be my gift to the world and I fully intend it will help make the world a happier, safer, better place.” -N.H.