About Jaden

Jaden Rose Phoenix, alchemist

Jaden Rose Phoenix founded Alchemy Wisdom in 2004 and is the author of Beyond Human: Claiming the Power and Magic of Your Limitless Self. Her first career as a college professor might explain her unique ability to teach esoteric concepts in her books and workshops. Her second career,  as a registered nurse and a massage therapist, quickly diverged into exploring her true interests in modern alchemy and consciousness technologies that create fast and effective shifts for her clients and for herself.  She has taught nationally with Dr. Richard Bartlett, the founder of the Matrix Energetics system, and is teaching and lecturing regularly via teleconference and webinar, with occasional appearances nationally and internationally, while still maintaining a private practice.  Other studies include Natural Healing, Neuro Modulation Technique, neuro-linguistic programming, shamanic work, Egyptian alchemy, consciousness studies, and over ten years of martial arts studies.

Jaden is passionate about creating opportunities to share and explore knowledge in the area of consciousness studies. With her combination of training, she has developed a method called Holographic Healing, a system of transformation that she delivers to individuals and to groups via teleconference, as well as a workshop called Holographic Principles, which she teaches nationally and internationally to participants who want to learn these powerful methods. She continues to develop a series of transformational downloads that are affordable ways to tap into new vibrations and energies that promote radical change in people’s lives. An ordained minister and trained as an intuitive, she has been teaching and counseling for over twenty years.

In her spare time, Jaden does some hospice nursing and enjoys doing pet therapy with her dog, Charlie. She lives in Seattle on her urban farm and loves spending time gardening, tending the chickens, and hiking with her rescue dog, Tucker.

Interview, November 2009

Q: How did you become a Master Alchemist?

Well that’s a good question, “how..”  Everyone wants to know “how.”  I really felt guided along the path.  When I first got my massage license, my guides told me to put “alchemist” on my business card.  I didn’t even know what that was.  So I looked up information on it, but I couldn’t understand any of it.  So I just decided to go with it.  In sessions with clients, many alchemists of old would show up and teach me.  But I was also persistent with stretching myself.  I never gave up in my search for ways to create transformation.  Much of that search is an internal one, I’m afraid, though taking workshops and seminars can give you glimpses and ideas, your magick must come from yourself.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

What I’m doing now is definitely my dream job.  I am able to do many different activities, which suits me.  I travel and teach, see individual clients, mentor students, and develop new technologies.  I don’t get bored with any one thing.  It is definitely a job that is always evolving, which is suitable for someone who likes change!

Q: Of all the things you do, what do you consider the most important?

Developing new technologies is definitely the most interesting part of what I do.  I enjoy stretching consciousness beyond what we think should be possible.  I’m still blown away by the success of the transformational downloads.  My guides were very clear that they wanted me to make these available, but I was skeptical that they could produce real transformation for people.  But as I began to test market them, the evidence was just overwhelming that people were getting results.  And as I work with them more, they become even more effective.  It’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around what really happens with these.


Q: What is your advice to new people who want to do what you do?

My advice is to not try to do what I do, but to instead do what you do.  The most important things are practice, experimentation, and play.  I did these things every day to develop my skills and understanding.  You must be curious and able to explore in a lot of different ways.  If something doesn’t seem to work, try it in a dozen different ways.  This ability to have fun and experiment will get you far.  It’s not going to work well for you if you have to wait for someone else to tell you “how” you should do something.

Q: What’s next in development at Alchemy Wisdom?

I test marketed two new teleseminars this fall, and the feedback was good, so I am looking into ways to provide that content in an online format.  More teleseminars will probably come into development by the end of 2010. I’m also noticing more and more movement in creating the healing center in Peru, so more opportunities to get involved with that will be coming soon.  And I am working on writing a book, so wish me luck on finishing that!  As always, I am listening to what my guidance suggests, and that’s keeping me plenty busy!

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