Journeys of Transformation

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Jaden Rose Phoenix, alchemist
PO Box 75214, Seattle, WA 98175
(206) 271- 2475
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Alchemy Wisdom is a healing arts center devoted to helping clients create a joyful, healthful, satisfying life.  Clients can choose from private sessions, group activations, lectures, workshops, or study programs to meet their needs.

Private sessions are a unique approach, combining counseling, quantum level energy shifting, energetic rewiring, modern alchemy, and consciousness training to create new possibilities for each client. A session at Alchemy Wisdom is custom designed especially for you to facilitate transformation at all levels of being.

In addition to individual help, many clients have found that Jaden’s masterful ability to take esoteric or complex information and distill it in a fun and practical way for everyday use makes her learning programs accessible for everyone.  With her guidance, magical realities are not just for the monks who’ve meditated for 20 years, but are easily mastered by everyday folk.